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2014-10-08 21:18:43
Is Your Home For Sale? How Do Home Buyers React?

Your real estate agent opens the door and escorts the clients inside. What is their first reaction? Is it good, not so good, great, or horrible? I've seen horrible. I've also seen reactions similar to that of the creature below. It is truly a great joy in selling to walk in with buyers who immediately fall in love with what they see and experience.

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Of course I have also seen great. It doesn't need to be a million dollar mansion to create great. It usually takes some time and planning. It always takes a daily effort to keep it clean. A good motto is to 'wake up, get up, and clean up.' You never know when that right buyer finds your home. Treat each day like it will be today and don't leave home in a messy condition. To illustrate the dark side I have below a photo I recently took when touring for homes to show a buyer. It's only a bedroom pic but it was indicative of the entire home. 


 'Get me out of here'
Try and give yourself months to prepare if you can. People often know that down the road they will be selling their home. One of my favorite experiences was one where we had a few months to help our sellers prepare. In an initial interview they asked should they remove the carpet. I concluded they should sell the home for $230,000 if they replaced the carpet. It was suggested they replace the kitchen counter tops too. Not long after this appointment they called for me to return. The hardwood floors looked worn from years of use. We suggested they not re-carpet but to have the hardwoods refinished.
It would be great if I still had the photos, the home looked marvelous. I told them the good news was that the look was so improved that I was sure they would get $260,000. They were happy, we listed and sold it for $260,000. Sure it took a little investment and time but the $30,000 higher returned really paid off. 
Doing it right is a dollars and sense issue, making more dollars makes more sense. It's also a care issue; do you care, will you take care? 
By Larry K Cragun
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