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2014-10-14 08:08:03
Why Publish A Real Estate Blog?

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Today’s article is the sixteenth article this month since MediaOne and I agreed that I would write a series of real estate articles on the corporate blog. I thought it relevant to pose the questions as why? Why would a busy real estate agent take the time? It can take from one to four hours to write an article. Why would a company publish a blog? What’s the point?


For me, I enjoy writing. I find the blog format to be a good one. I don’t claim to be the prize winning author but I do have experience, opinions, and a love for certain topics. Over the years I have published over 3000 articles on real estate, mortgages, and genealogy. Your regular visits are important to me, I hope for you to become “A Friend In The Computer”, then perhaps a client. I adopted this friend in the computer phrase from a phone call I received from a Teresa about six months after I had begun writing my first real estate blog. I was having breakfast when she phoned me and said, “Larry, I have just got to talk to you, you have been my friend in the computer for months”. This friend in the computer thing is real interesting. When a stranger calls after reading on line for months it’s like they know you even though you have never met. I really love this fact.


I often publish an article based on a recent question or experience. Almost all of these sixteen articles are a result of recent events. To date I have written these: 10 Ways to make an open house successful, So You Want Walkable In Downtown Salt Lake, The Dilemna, When To List Your Home With A REALTOR, Each Downtown Salt Lake City Condo Is Unique, Buyer Tip - Ask Your Loan Officer Your Max Payment, Utah's Interesting Policy On Recording Home SalesIs Your Home For Sale? How Do Home Buyers React?, Oh, So You Have An Offer to Buy Your Home, & What?, My Recommendation:Pick A Service Provider This Way, Canyon Road Towers A Downtown Salt Lake Condo, Selling Your Salt Lake City Home -Do You Subscribe, How About Some Home Mortgage Truth Today?, Selling Your Home, Is There a Difference Between I, So You Want A Nice Condo In Downtown Salt Lake, and Why MediaOne Real Estate Utah?


I believe that a blog is possibly the best online consumer tool available. Some consumers have come to the same conclusion. Many shoppers search the search engines in this way for example: “Salt Lake City Real Estate Blog”. It only takes reading a few articles to figure out if you are interested in this person. He or she may indicate an area of expertise you are interested in. You may find that you trust or like them. They are likely to be writing about local content. Real Estate is local. People shop neighborhoods. You may already see what neighborhoods I am focused on. Compare that with the national companies and you will understand my reasoning. It is virtually impossible for a national company to address local content. As I see it, the value of search engines for the consumer has been diluted, all for the sake of the almighty dollar. People tend to read the first page of a search result and stop there. In fact statistics say the very top of the first page is the prime real estate. Years ago the search engines sought to deliver to this space the most relevant and current content. I was able to teach clients how to blog in a manner to be found on the top of page one for various real estate searches. Content, regular, and relevant was King. That is not the case anymore. Search results on valuable searches such as real estate, or real estate in any community or town is now the product of those who will pay the most for that space. As I write this article the search results for “real estate in salt lake city” delivers zero websites with meaningful content. None of it is local except for the ability to search for homes. There are 10 supposed real websites and eleven paid Adwords links. None if these results take you to current relevant local content. What used to be a great consumer content tool has sacrificed itself to become a giant advertising board.


You can overcome this commerce driven initiative by searching in a more specific or local way. This illustrates the reason for me or MediaOne to write this blog. For example, if you want to live in a condominium in downtown Salt Lake City because you want to be able to walk to Temple Square or City Creek, you could search “Walkable Condominiums In Downtown Salt Lake City” and find several articles about that specific subject. This isn’t a money making search for the large companies which allows a local focused writer like me to be seen on the first page of the search results. This then provides content to you by an individual rather than a company.


I point out that most of the companies that are buying their way to page one are just looking to capture you as a lead, selling your contact information to sales people, sometimes multiple times, to the highest bidder.


Am I making my case? Writing a blog with the hopes that consumers find it and return is worth the time and effort because it’s better for you the consumer. If it’s good for you, it’s good for me. If it’s better for you, it’s better for me. If it's good for me, it's good for MediaOne,



by Larry K Cragun, REALTOR®
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