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2014-12-20 10:16:10
Five Rules For Selling Your Salt Lake City Home

Selling Your Salt Lake City Home


 Five Rules For Selling Your Salt Lake City Home

These rules are important, don't close your eyes to them.

Selling your Salt lake City Home is almost guaranteed to be stressful. You have to put up with sudden agent notices that someone wants in to see your castle. Just yesterday an agent wanted to show your home when the Ute’s football game was on. You ask, why do I even have a big screen TV anyway? Making things more stressful is that you are expected to keep it in show condition. You already removed some items you treasure, even need to make it look spacious. And now, you could make a reality show out of your place. You ask yourself how long will I have to endure all of this.


There are some rules which I now tell all of my Salt Lake City home sellers. Like winning in sports, it’s both a mental game and a physical game.


Rule #1: “Prepare for a long season”. It messes things up when you see that I sold the neighbor’s home in two days, which I did. This isn’t normal. To set the stage I now propose something I used to think folly; list your home for a year. A year you say? A year you say! Yep, a year I say. Why on earth would you need to list the home for a year? This will prepare you mentally for a long season. “But what if I am not happy with my agent?” The answer to that is simple. Require a day escape clause. We include this in all standard listing contracts. The exception is the high end homes that go in our special marketing program. The expense we incur justifies a longer contract. I am not worried about escape clauses as I am convinced of the marketing plan our clients benefit from.


Rule #2: “Come one come all”. Or stated another way, another sports metaphor, break the attendance record. Stop the “don’t come if they aren’t sure they want it mentality”. The poor bloke that just saw it, and can’t afford it, knows the rich dude that will want it. It happens all of the time. Which is most likely to make a lasting impression, witnessing first hand or seeing a glancing ad on your computer screen? The more witnesses you have the better.


Rule #3: Scatter Sunshine Everywhere You Go: Don’t worry, be happy. Don’t ask for a blow by blow description of everyone who attended the big even of viewing your home. It only takes about six poor reasons they didn’t buy to start getting you down. Don’t ask your REALTOR® about each visit. Do expect feedback that is relevant. You don’t want to know about the lame excuses such as “The Deck is too small”. You do want to know about how many times the ugly pink carpet is turning people away. If it’s something you can address, address it with a smile. If it isn’t, well you know, “don’t worry be happy”.


Rule #4: Make sure your agent is “Covering All Of The Bases” It’s decision time, do you pick your grandson who does real estate part time or do you pick a pro to sell your home? As for me and my house, we suggest the pro in selling your home. Don’t confuse this with the pro at selling himself or herself. In the REALTOR® MLS or association all are pros. But rule #4 expects you to get the big hitter of marketing. How committed is that agent to holding open houses? Do they throw out the minor league excuse that open houses don’t work? Do they advertise your home in the local newspapers every week? Minor leaguers say newspaper adverting doesn’t work. With that attitude they might never make the big leagues. Does your home show up as a “Showcase Listing in REALTOR.COM? Rookies don’t even know what it is, let alone to have the moolah to pay for that showcase. FYI, in case they don’t know what a showcase listing is you can tell them that a showcase listing comes to the top of a search matching your criteria with the agents contact info in the details.


Rule #5: “Charge The Right Ticket Price”  If you price it too high you don’t get any takers. You actually help the competition sell their home. If you price it too low, you know. If you have the right price, the right agent, follow the previous rules (especially number 1) you can avoid the easy way out of just keeping on lowering your price until it sells. The right price is the right price. It just needs the right buyer. Knowing what comparable homes are selling for right now is important. This includes knowing what is on the market as well as what recently sold. I recently asked another agent how she came up with that outlandish asking price. The answer, she didn’t the client priced it.” Oooooooh I answered.



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